Really enjoyed doing them. Hopefully their colors don’t get too messed up in production.


mercy mei dva

rowlet litten poplio

Undine was a pain in the ass.


frisk toriel sans papyrus alphys undine asriel

So much social media to update… It made me forget that I also had an art blog to take care of uurrrgghh


I should probably put a background or something on this…



Continuing the fan art train… Undyne from the video game, Undertale.



Sometimes I draw fan art too. :3



Working on a video game concept with a friend of mine. Still in its rough stages, but I’m hoping we can see this game to fruition some day in the future. For now, these were done for my special studies class. I owe a lot of stellar ideas to my teacher’s and classmates’ suggestions and insight. 😀



princess_lvl1princess_lvl2 weapons_lvl1weapons_lvl2  enemies_lvl1_print enemies_lvl2_print