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I made a pretty item that I’m proud of. It’s shiny. Here’s the 80 x 80 size…



And here’s the full size that I worked at (300 x 300):



It took way longer than it should have due to watching the DOTA2 International Tournament stream… and then yesterday’s GSL Code S matches. (Yay, professional Starcraft 2!)

I wanted to take my time with the program because I think it has some crazy potential. I usually hate painting on a real canvas because I always feel like such a paint Jew. (Lol, sorry if I offend.) I hate wasting paint, I hate wasting paint thinner, I hate making mistakes that I have to somehow cover up or erase somehow… I like erasers. There are no erasers for paint. That sucks.


It may not be legit painting, but it’s as close as I’m gonna get to painting comfortably without hoping to God that my next stroke doesn’t ruin the entire piece. Anyways, did a bunch of requests from random folks. Still getting to know the squillions of brushes Corel Painter has to offer.



Here’s me messing around with the acrylic brushes and a blender brush. Lol, ganguro.



And, most recently, trying to mess with the millions of watercolor brushes available. So much brush juggling…