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Productivity! Just not with my own personal art. Good news, though… I’ll finally replace that header up there soon-ish!


In the meantime, here’s an old drawring of my favorite Animal Crossing neighbor!


Ah munna show what I worked on for roughly seven hours for my final project for my final class


The goal was to create a monument to commemorate an Asian-American who died due to hate crimes. I decided on a plaster carving (since I had a bag of plaster just lying around) with a slight slope at the top to inscribe the name and year of death. Then peaceful forestry relief carvings along the sides to symbolize where the man died (in a forest because he was shot by a white male hunter) and also to give a sense of “peace” and “serenity” since the victim’s culture (Hmong) celebrates death as an important journey to the afterlife. Thus, some of the forest scenes extend into the background like some kind of magical Narnia forest path. AWW, YEEAAAH.


Pics are crappy since I only had my phone camera at the time. 🙁


Because I now have commissions to do, and I’ve been trying to juggle art commissions with schoolwork and final projects. 🙁


My first attempt at traditional eastern ink drawing. It was… very hard… May attempt again if I want to punish my hand.



Here’s a quick, silly drawing I did for TERA Online. Just a random Castanic Warrior of some kind. Legs are wonky.