Ah munna show what I worked on for roughly seven hours for my final project for my final class


The goal was to create a monument to commemorate an Asian-American who died due to hate crimes. I decided on a plaster carving (since I had a bag of plaster just lying around) with a slight slope at the top to inscribe the name and year of death. Then peaceful forestry relief carvings along the sides to symbolize where the man died (in a forest because he was shot by a white male hunter) and also to give a sense of “peace” and “serenity” since the victim’s culture (Hmong) celebrates death as an important journey to the afterlife. Thus, some of the forest scenes extend into the background like some kind of magical Narnia forest path. AWW, YEEAAAH.


Pics are crappy since I only had my phone camera at the time. 🙁


4 Responses to “Monument Project Final”

  1. Erinys says:

    That’s a wonderful monument. Good luck with the grade, though I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  2. Larbar says:

    Not your usual medium and I think it kind of shows. Looks like the edges are kind of uneven. Still, not anything I could do in 7 or 70 hours. When are you going to come by to my new home? We can watch Wakfu and I’ll make you a hamburger.

  3. NinjamanZ says:

    I’ll take one as my tombstone, do NinjamanZ, and deck it out in Ninjas. Also you might wanna make it ya know….tomorrow…cause who the hell knows when some freak shit is gonna actually end my life. lol

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