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Done for my animal drawing midterm. The arctic fox turned out decent with consistent scale and proportions. The kangaroo… Not so much, I think. Most of the reference video was obscured by deep shadow so I had a hard time pinpointing the muscular indications, and I should have provided a ground plane to show when the kangaroo was off the ground and when it wasn’t.


motionstudy1 motionstudy2

Whoooaaaa, I hadn’t realized I didn’t upload this one! Drawn just for fun and because I seriously enjoy his design and gameplay style in Lethal League. All of it was done in Paint Tool Sai.



Did some quick, fun drawings of certain Pokemon styled as Animal Crossing neighbors. Did this as a friendly art exchange with a good friend/classmate. :3



sneaselac girafarigac

Done in ink wash, brush pen, and red pigmented pencil. Most are drawn from life. Some are drawn from the natural history museum of Los Angeles.

midterm4 midterm5 midterm1 midterm2 midterm3