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John made me do it. Made me draw ponies. Ponies with numbers on their butts.


At least he paid me money… Sweet, sweet money.


This class was so freakin’ brutal…


Here’s a two-point, but the design came from an overhead view of a plan and… and… Oh, God, it takes some explaining. Just look at it and marvel.



Here’s the five-point perspective project. Mind-bending spatial distortions, hurray…


… I’ll update that header image placeholder, lol…


Semester’s finally over, but now it’s time to buckle down and actually DRAW. For fun. For profit. For self-satisfaction. Hooray. Until then, here’s another naked thing to look at.



Oh, and look at the things I did in perspective class. Hardest class I have ever taken. Stressed me out so hard, it began to affect my body and mentality. FWOOOOO~!




Can I be an architect now?