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I forgot I did some art for some random strangers on GW2. Out of all of them, I’m more attached to this one… Thanks for the character reference, Iskatu!


Quick Drow Ranger doodle. Graphite and white charcoal on a scrap of midtone paper.


A caricature of President Obama as Helios, the titan sun god. This was in response to an article about solar energy something something oil something something politics and energy stuff. My initial sketch included the flaming horses, but they ended up looking like My Little Ponies on fire… and they made the composition poopy so I omitted them entirely in the end.




This is a narrative illustration featuring a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. I’ll let you figure it out ‘cuz, if you can’t, then I did a shit job on this project. Confession bear: I did this painting entirely in the night before it was due…



Traditional illustration stuff. First two projects.


First is a series of experimentation. The overall theme is to combine two objects in different ways using a variety of different media, techniques, styles, etc. The media used: Watercolor, gouache, acrylic wash, dip pen and ink, markers, charcoal, colored pencil, and graphite.




The next is an illustration for an advertisement. I’m not very confident in my coloring ability, and my original intent to do this piece in acrylic wash ended up in… just plain, ol’ acrylic. The inspiration came from the Nightwish song, “The Crow, The Owl, And The Dove”. Unfortunately… adding in the owl presented a bit of a problem with the overall composition so I chose to completely omit it in the end. The piece could still use some more work and refinement.



I wish I knew…



PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Turn this seemingly innocent children’s drawing of a monster…



… into your own nightmare-inducing abomination!