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I never know how to title my blog posts. Know that a lot of them will start with a “blaerg”, “blah”, or “hurk”…


Sometimes I ponder about my lack of creativity. Or, rather, I think it’s more accurate to just criticize my creative process. When creating an original creation (whether it be a character, creature, or even an idea), I’m always berating myself for realizing just where some of my ideas stem from. They often have a core inspiration that, somewhere in my mind, nags and nags and reminds the rest of me that I needed to “borrow” an element from said inspiration in order to make up my own creation. Worst thing is that I know I’m being illogical. It’s not a “bad” thing to derive something from an inspiration so long as it’s not blatant, and I’m careful not to replicate to an offensive extent.


Aw, Hell, I can’t even begin to motivate myself without taking a peek at some OTHER artwork. Then I become inspired, but I also have this weird fear of imitating what I just saw. Even as a kid, I looked down on other children tracing or copying artwork, and I have no idea when I developed past that, but… maybe I’ve been carrying that disdain even to this day. Don’t get me wrong, though; I’m not beating myself up over this. I sometimes have to spend some time to reflect on myself and my outlook on art. I even began to question whether I wanted to continue with art a year or so ago. (I’ve gotten over that depression. It was a bit of an embarrassing episode…)


Anyways, I really, really need to touch up on my artwork. I want to go into personal art. I want to create and design my own things. I WANNA BE MOMMY OF SOMETHING NEAT. Yet… I don’t think I have any desire to create my own stories. Role-playing back in the day actually helped me with some character conceptions, but that’s a pastime I no longer actively indulge in. I do still look into revisiting and revising my old characters’ designs. Recently, I’ve even begun to draw a lot of one particular fox girl. (Yup, I have an aminal chick. So sue me, I was, like, 11 when I made her!)




She actually underwent several design processes… Out of all of my characters, she is the one who has changed the most frequently. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to just make a boring, generic fox girl… but, by someone’s standards out there, she’ll probably still look boring and generic! Eh, I’m going to just… not care so long as she appeals to SOMEONE. Anyways, originally she had shoulder-length, layered black hair. She also wore clothes. :3 She also only had one tail despite being a nine tails fox (wtf was I smoking). Probably the only thing I’ve kept consistent with her was her golden color scheme. I had her designed with “SHINY GOLD FUR” in mind, and I’ve gradually increased her shinyness with each redesign until, suddenly, she sprouted long, white hair (that actually somehow transitions into gold at the tips).


Notice the white, “feathery” tentacles that kind of sprout from her clavicle and back? Those were DEFINITELY inspired by Okami’s Shiranui design. Dammit, I feel a pang of guilt.



This is the reason why I even rambled at the beginning of this post. Don’t worry, I’m getting over this.


Soooo… yeah, now I’m losing steam. Better finish this blog post soon before I just fully peter out with some pathetic– OH NOES IM GONNA DO IT HERES THE FOX GIRL I DREW TODAY WITH NO SILLY BOOBY FUR COVERAGE (Went with a more “girly” style than usual… Turned out good. Randallcat [his blog is over this way —>] is going to make sure I actually finish this picture.)



Will post progress. I promise.

The hair… confused me very much so.

No new art. Just my last semester’s art class final projects. It was a prerequisite basic drawing class which was an absolute breeze. (BECAUSE IM SO GOOD YOU SEE THIS IS ME ATTEMPTING TO BOOST MY SELF-ESTEEM AM I DOING IT RIGHT RANDALLCAT!?) Anyways:

This was on an 18×24 sheet of grayscale Canson paper. Primarily black vine charcoal and white compressed charcoal. Smudged with a blending stump. The project was to produce a still-life (minimum 3 objects) using graphite and/or charcoal. Charcoal has always been easier to work with, easier to blend with, and I felt that starting with a mid-tone canvas would cut me a lot of slack. I also really like using white charcoal.

This was done on another 18×24 sheet of Canson paper, this time a slight metallic gray-blue. Again, I had wanted to work in charcoal since it was the fastest method available to me. The project was to find an artist and show said artist’s influence in our project. I chose two artists: H. R. Giger and Norihiro Yagi. They both draw alien/monster boobs that I appreciate. I wanted to try my hand at alien/monster boobs. Oh, and color pastel was a required thing so I did a minimal “blue” thing or something. Idk.

I’m so fickle when I sit down to draw. I think I have a pattern. I’ll start with an idea for some fan art. Let’s take today’s session as an example.

I sat, I set my tablet in my lap, I stare at my blank canvas in Photoshop, and tentatively decide on drawing Aquaria’s Naija. I’ve been playing the game for the past two days, and originally I wasn’t fascinated by the character design of the protagonist… but gradually began to feel the urge to draw short-haired fishgirls. Funny how inspiration works. Anyways, the fan art attempt was very short-lived, and I moved on to another character I’ve been tweaking on and off. I have no idea where the inspiration for this character came from, but I do know that I’ve always liked girl-ifying certain Pokemon just to see the end result.

Thus, Sneasel girl was conceived.

Randallcat (his blog is over this way —>) and I have been discussing short hair on certain Marvel/DC superheroes, so I suppose I wanted to have my hand at the newest short hair craze ‘cept animu style. Still needs some work. Will see what else I can come up with.

I had a dream where someone on Steam gifted me a game. I was so excited that it might be something from my Steam wishlist, but when I opened the gift, it was Lego Olympus… There is no such thing as Lego Olympus, but it was a game where you play as the Greek gods in one of them silly Lego adventure games.

I was so severely disappointed… I think I may have felt slightly insulted even. Either way, disappointment should NOT be made available in my dreams!

Oh, look, I drew a wizard.


oh look, i did a thing: