I’m so fickle when I sit down to draw. I think I have a pattern. I’ll start with an idea for some fan art. Let’s take today’s session as an example.

I sat, I set my tablet in my lap, I stare at my blank canvas in Photoshop, and tentatively decide on drawing Aquaria’s Naija. I’ve been playing the game for the past two days, and originally I wasn’t fascinated by the character design of the protagonist… but gradually began to feel the urge to draw short-haired fishgirls. Funny how inspiration works. Anyways, the fan art attempt was very short-lived, and I moved on to another character I’ve been tweaking on and off. I have no idea where the inspiration for this character came from, but I do know that I’ve always liked girl-ifying certain Pokemon just to see the end result.

Thus, Sneasel girl was conceived.

Randallcat (his blog is over this way —>) and I have been discussing short hair on certain Marvel/DC superheroes, so I suppose I wanted to have my hand at the newest short hair craze ‘cept animu style. Still needs some work. Will see what else I can come up with.

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