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My sketchbook doodles from last semester are much more colorful and happy than this semester’s. 🙁


These are both from last semester’s sketchbook, btw.


Classwork. Drawing on an empty stomach is painful.


Done in twenty minutes. Drawn with charcoal, black and white. Haven’t touched charcoal in a whole semester. Still love the stuff.



Done in another twenty minutes. Loved the pose. Done in graphite.



I did others, but they all suck so I won’t post ’em. HAAAH.

Listening to ATB’s “Mysterious Skies”, I think of this… except, in my head, there was less purple, more peach, orange, and yellow in the clouds. Regardless, I’ll try and tweak it later when I have the image fresh in my head again.


Or maybe I’ll send it over to Elz and see if she can come up with a fun interpretation of colors. ;D





Corel Painter. Again. Because fun. Derp derp.


Small child-y thing. Never drew children before. Thought it would add a cute touch to finish it using Painter’s “soft pastel” tool.



Requester requested anthro art. Did it to see how I would fare. Experimented with Painter’s “soft color pencil” tool.


Promised to post figure/gesture drawings. Here they are.


This one was timed for twenty minutes. I wanted to try sketching with a Prismacolor color pencil.



This one was done in ten minutes with an HB pencil (I think).



And these gesture drawings were done in one minute with the felt-tip end of a black Tombow pen.


So much life drawing… which reminds me that I should probably scan in some of the figure drawing I’ve been doing in my art classes (to show that I’m actually learning and not being some fail animu “artist”)!


In any case, I’ve become so enamored with Corel Painter that I will forever use this program to sketch things out. The next great thing about it is that it can actually save as PSD (Photoshop image files) so I can just go back and forth with programs like a baller.


Y’all might be tired of seeing nothing but pencil sketches… Well, screw you, it’s FUN. I’m still wiggling and geeking out about how the tilt of my stylus translates over to the Painter pencil tool, simulating drawing with the flat end of the lead. Holy balls, this is incredible. It will always be incredible.


This night, I was hit by a sudden case of guilt of how I draw characters… pretty much the same… so I’m going to try and ease myself into a new experimental style. Something a little more… “western”… I guess… It’s difficult to say because I can’t quite state with confidence that this is actually a “new” look that I’m employing. (I’m guessing it’s not.) Hell, it might just be me actually drawing a semi-proper nose, lips, and that… weird U-shaped dip underneath your nose. Oh, well.


Old character, recognizable to only ONE of you (Tim), experimental style. Tried to draw hair with less strokes, a less angular face, less slanty, sharp eyes/eyelashes… It took a bit of internal struggling because I had initially given her a very round face which ended up making her look a lil’… fat. I wanted to slim it down to give it more elegance without resorting to how I USUALLY draw faces so I tried to also give a more pronounced chin. Very marginal difference between this chin and how I usually draw chins. HNNNGH.


Don’t ask why she’s wearing black, shiny leather… I just felt like shading black, shiny leather.