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Oh, dang! I remember doodling this on my laptop at school, and when I tried to save it after I was done, Photoshop crashed on me. I’m surprised it was waiting for me in my folder. Somehow it must have avoided the gravitational pull of Photoshop’s collapse!


It’s a dargon. It breathes cold ice lololol


Look, Larry, it’s my Guild Wars necromancer! 😀



And some other characters.



And I have no idea who this is.


I have tiny hands so when I reach for octave keys on the piano, the stretching of my pinky somehow translates to achy wrist for the rest of the day. 🙁 And I have to do a plaster carving today in art class too… BOO~!


I’m currently trying to work on digital painting with quick, easy sketches from my sketchbook. I modified the weird, painty, fade-y default brush most use for a softer shading technique so now, suddenly, I feel like I can go for the style of painting I want. Will experiment more. Still not done with the piece, but I’ll post some old art just to let y’all know I haven’t abandoned the blog after, what…? Six posts? Guffaw-haw-haw. Oh, and a new header image is incoming as soon as I remember to steal back the scanner from my mom.



Here’s the Left 4 Dead witch. Old pic from ’09, done with the Pencil tool in Photoshop to get that MS Paint-y feel. Drew it for a casual art contest. I really liked how it turned out even though I feel like I half-assed it.