Look, Larry, it’s my Guild Wars necromancer! 😀



And some other characters.



And I have no idea who this is.


3 Responses to “More old drawrings”

  1. Erinys says:

    Lookie you drawing stuff :3

    Oooh btw Arch wants you to text him soon because his cell phone broke and he lost all the info ; ;

  2. Larbar says:

    I stopped playing GW… not even getting the traveler’s gifts anymore. Maybe in a year I’ll try again.

    Your necro looks weird.

  3. NinjamanZ says:

    Invidia= Creepy,weird,would hit it

    Ea= Sadistic, seductive, would hit it if it was drawn UNslanted ( Cackle )

    Some Scythe Girl= laces + Scythe = hawt? Probably hit it.

    And that concludes the Ninjaman ratings

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