No new art. Just my last semester’s art class final projects. It was a prerequisite basic drawing class which was an absolute breeze. (BECAUSE IM SO GOOD YOU SEE THIS IS ME ATTEMPTING TO BOOST MY SELF-ESTEEM AM I DOING IT RIGHT RANDALLCAT!?) Anyways:

This was on an 18×24 sheet of grayscale Canson paper. Primarily black vine charcoal and white compressed charcoal. Smudged with a blending stump. The project was to produce a still-life (minimum 3 objects) using graphite and/or charcoal. Charcoal has always been easier to work with, easier to blend with, and I felt that starting with a mid-tone canvas would cut me a lot of slack. I also really like using white charcoal.

This was done on another 18×24 sheet of Canson paper, this time a slight metallic gray-blue. Again, I had wanted to work in charcoal since it was the fastest method available to me. The project was to find an artist and show said artist’s influence in our project. I chose two artists: H. R. Giger and Norihiro Yagi. They both draw alien/monster boobs that I appreciate. I wanted to try my hand at alien/monster boobs. Oh, and color pastel was a required thing so I did a minimal “blue” thing or something. Idk.

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  1. NinjamanZ says:

    The things I would do to that things chest-hole…………

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