Productivity! Just not with my own personal art. Good news, though… I’ll finally replace that header up there soon-ish!


In the meantime, here’s an old drawring of my favorite Animal Crossing neighbor!


4 Responses to “Whoo!”

  1. Larbar says:

    It almost looks like your signature makes a little face. Is that on purpose?

  2. Larbar says:

    Between your first and last name. One of your other sigs from an earlier post kind of looks like it has a little face in it, too.

  3. NinjamanZ says:

    lol he’s right it does, the “I” and the “L” in your signature, where the L loops is the mo9uth the dot for the I with the cross from the L makes the eyes. Nice catch lolol I never played Animal Crossing Tama, but this pig looks pissed. Is he the neighbor you’re always borrowing shit from and not returning??

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