Because I now have commissions to do, and I’ve been trying to juggle art commissions with schoolwork and final projects. 🙁


My first attempt at traditional eastern ink drawing. It was… very hard… May attempt again if I want to punish my hand.



Here’s a quick, silly drawing I did for TERA Online. Just a random Castanic Warrior of some kind. Legs are wonky.


4 Responses to “More old art”

  1. Larbar says:

    Oh man I like the eastern ink drawing, that looks great.

    I dunno about the legs on your other drawing but the feet are definitely messed up??

  2. NinjamanZ says:

    Yeah the chick is lookin like a combo of getting ready to “take it” and needing to pee I’m thinkin it could have been cooler either fully standing or being fully crouched down rather then a bend. I’m not too Traditional eastern Art savvy, but it looks cool enough, probably looks sweeter in real life.

  3. Larbar says:

    By the way, are you doing actual paid commissions or just drawing shit for people?

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