Been drawing them. I’ve never had a pirate fascination to begin with, but I’ve always liked that kind of swashbuckling fashion… with the poet shirts and the silly pirate hats (that are impossible to draw) and the frock coats and the BREECHES. Oh, MAN, I love the breeches. Don’t even get me started and don’t even begin to question my love for breeches. Just accept my love for what it is!


A deep appreciation for awesome pants.


She's a pirate


On the inverse side, as much as I love swashbuckling breeches, I absolutely loath pirate hats. They’re awesome as hats, I guess, and I’m not hating on their design. I just hate how fucking hard they are to draw. It’s like my brain is unable to compute the mental image of a pirate hat… either forcing me to scroll through many pages of “pirate hats” via Google image search or just letting my hand + pencil vomit some monstrous head gear that is neither “pirate” nor “hat”… It’s usually best described as “DERP”…


Anyways, I’m conducting numerous pirate hat studies which drives me progressively insane. One day I might just have to procure an actual pirate hat (the type that I want to draw, that is) and spend an entire day staring at it, sketching it, turning it this way and that, putting it on my dog’s head…


Anyways, another character that is actually based on another character who is actually the opposite of a pirate and doesn’t look like she’s liable to sock you in the face aaaaaaaaaand… Yeah, that’s a cybernetic eye. WHAT OF IT, MMMM?


I’ll draw her with the frock coat and hat when I finally discover the secret to drawing pirate hats.

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  1. Larbar says:

    Draw the dog with the pirate hat, not the cybereye chick.

    You can a Jack Sparrow hat at Downtown Disney, complete with dreadlocks.

  2. Larbar says:

    Also, fix that image at the top of your page. It’s so annoying!

  3. Larbar says:

    Comments link at the top with the title… yuck

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