Tiny but detailed item drawrings as well as NPC art. I draw these for virtual pet sites in my spare time. 😛 Most of the items are 80 x 80, but they’re outlined, colored, and shaded on a canvas 3 x the original dimensions. Here are some full-size images:



8 Responses to “This is what I do~”

  1. NinjamanZ says:

    Damn these are some unique creatures up here. With how many of the pet and pokemon knock off sites there are going around you start to feel like you’ve seen em all. Everything is well done, like right out of a video game.

  2. NinjamanZ says:

    FIRST! btw…

  3. Larbar says:

    MMmmmmmmMmmmm… steak.

  4. Erinys says:

    Dare I ask wtf is that thing under the steak?

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