… IS SO BALLER. HNNNGH. The control, the tools, the brushes, the ability to tilt my stylus and have the pencil tool simulate shading flat… GYARGH, SO GOOD!!


More testing. Never had so much fun sketching digitally. Someone’s Gaia Online avatar/original character. Got a lil’ messy around the wings because I didn’t want to try and remember how dragon wings looked, lololol. :3


4 Responses to “COREL PAINTER”

  1. Larbar says:

    Is she stuck in a wireframe trash can?

  2. Larbar says:

    By the way, Winds of Change started in GW. Tell me if you want to play.

  3. NinjamanZ says:

    lol I agree, when I first saw this pic I was like ” Now who would go and throw a perfectly good…hot…devil thing out like that??”

  4. Erinys says:

    You tease ;~;

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